Sensitive skin Care



L'Occitane is pleased to introduce the new line to care for sensitive skin, Shea Cotton, products formulated to reduce the irritation and redness of the skin of the face, their formulas are composed of carefully selected ingredients, do not contain perfumes, dyes or preservatives.


The effects on the skin are:

1. Calm instantly
2. Nourish and protect during the 24-hour
3. Reduce the redness of the skin.


All types of skin may need products for sensitive skin.

The sensitivity is a condition that anyone can experience, no matter what type of skin you have.

The sensitivity may come from genetic conditions or from external aggression as:

• Pollution (is the main cause of sensitivity)
• excessive exposure to sun, wind, cold or heat
• Repeated use of unsuitable products.
• Treatments cosmetics (dermabrasiones, retinol glicólicos treatments, etc. ....)
• Hormones
• implements daily work as intense lights or chemicals.

Characteristics of sensitive skin:


• Skin easily irritable
• The dry skin is even drier
• An oily skin is even more fat, impurities accumulate
• Itching, desquamation or slight swelling
• Tendency to redness - especially around the area T
• Skin very clear or very fine texture



The line of Shea Cotton can be integrated easily into any routine facial care (anti care, skins mixed opaque hides, skins mixed), in cases of dryness dealt with the line of shea butter, can be supplemented with products Shea of Cotton to reduce the effects of sensitivity.